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We are all conduits of energy, holes in a flute, channeling all that higher consciousness would like us to know.

Zodiac Chart

Astrology/Natal Chart Consultation

The Natal Chart (or birth chart) is essentially our soul's contract with the Universe. Astrology has been passed down from generation to generation, and has proven over and over again that we do attain access to the map of our lifetime. 

Transpersonal Work

Tarot Card/Energy Reading

Tarot card readings can be on of the clearest channels to
tap into the energy that is lying underneath the surface. Whether you have questions about
love, career, family, or if you are just looking to better yourself; the reading will help to reveal
the truth

Spiritual Therapy Session

Spiritual Coaching Session

Combining the traditional techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy as well as spiritual and holistic guidance.

Tuning Forks

Vibrational Healing via Tuning Forks & Reiki Energy

Taking on a spiritual yet scientific approach, sound healing has become a proven way to help move stuck energy through the body.

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

And so here I am, hoping to have the honor in helping to heal and guide you through intuitive and honest readings.

There is magic in everything.


We are all orbs of light brought down to better ourselves, and the world.

Passionate About Helping Others

My story comes with pain, hurdles, triumphs, and tribulation.

Mashi-24 wix.jpg

I have gone from the dirty streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to the breathtaking mountains of Southwest Colorado. I have traded the long skirts and stockings of Orthodox Judaism for the trail pants and hiking boots that accompany mountain climbing.


Mashi was absolutely amazing. I was running late and she was completely understanding and fit me in. She is one of the best psychics I’ve seen, she has very good energy and is very intuitive. If you’re looking for any clarification or guidance on anything in your life she’s the person to see.

Mashi is caring, intuitive, and radiates positivity. I did a tarot reading with Mashi after some emotionally tough personal issues with years of infertility, and I wanted to see what the universe had in store. Let’s just say that Mashi’s tarot reading was an uplifting, early sign of great success! She was spot on!

Mashi is really a breath of fresh air. She is very kind and intuitive and her energy is something special. She gave me great insight and brought things to light that I already had intuitive feelings about. I highly recommend her.

Mashi is an empathetic and active listener with a lot of wonderful insight. Her reading was very eye opening and helped me learn a lot about myself and the ways in which I interact with the world. I am grateful for her services and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Let's Connect
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Tarot Reading
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