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"Tarot card readings date back to ancient times. At that time people considered it to be magic
and taboo. I consider Tarot to be a useful and insightful tool to help us delve into the
underlayers of our psyches. Once the cards come out the conversation usually turns to a more
therapeutic and guided approach towards bettering one’s world."

Astrology/Natal Chart Consultation

The Natal Chart (or birth chart) is essentially our soul's contract with the Universe. Astrology has been passed down from generation to generation, and has proven over and over again that we do attain access to the map of our lifetime. In this session I formulate and review your personal birth chart. Via the planets, houses, aspects and transits; I will be able to help guide you towards answers. Whether they be love, career, or karma related; the natal chart holds the answers to them all.

*$130 per hour consultation.

Zodiac Chart
Tarrrot Card/Energy Readngs

 Tarot Card/Energy Reading Session

Tarot card readings can be one of the clearest channels to tap into the energy that is lying underneath the surface. Whether you have questions about love, career, family, or if you are just looking to better yourself; the reading will help to reveal
the truth and clarify the mind that can be a weight of worry and concern. In my readings I may
use Oracle Cards, Tarot cards and pure channeled intuition to allow what it is to reveal what you
need to know.

  *In person or online sessions.

   ($65 per half hour)


Coaching Session

Traditional forms of therapy are now thought to be outdated. In the past decade our species has majorly evolved; therefore, shifting us towards higher states of consciousness. People are now finding themselves turning towards spiritual and holistic approaches to healing. In this offering I combine the traditional techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy as well as spiritual and holistic guidance as an alternative to ‘traditional talk therapy'. This approach ensures a transpersonal approach to dealing with trauma’s, relational issues and dealing with life’s everyday stressors.

*Hourly Rate and Packages Available

1 (hour) Session $120

5 (hour) Session’s Package $499

Enjoying Sunset
Spirital Therapy
Tuning Forks

Vibrational Healing via Tuning Forks & Reiki Energy

Taking on a spiritual yet scientific approach, sound healing has become a proven way to help move 'stuck' energy through the body. Our bodies are made up ‘Chi’ (life force). If that life force energy becomes blocked it can lead to headaches, muscle tension, aches, and mental fog. In this session I will be utilizing tuning forks to work with different frequencies and target both mental and physical pain in the body. I also employ the use of Reiki energy to help heal and restore the cells to their equilibrium.

Certified in Tuning Fork Therapy from the Sound Healing Academy (U.K)


*$150 Per Hour.

Sound Healing
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