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One can only begin to improve of themselves and live their true paths if they have the courage to look deep into the subconscious abyss that may be deep, dark, and full of raw human experience; and say,

“I see you, I love you”.


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My story comes with pain, hurdles, triumphs, and tribulation. I have gone from the dirty streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to the breathtaking mountains of Southwest Colorado. I have traded the long skirts and stockings of Orthodox Judaism for the trail pants and hiking boots that accompany mountain climbing. I left the only community I knew, for a new community of truth.


Had I not been blessed with the talent of raw intuition, energy awareness, and the bravery needed for serious change, I might still be living a life that was not meant for me. For many years I denied and ignored the fact that that I possessed a unique ability to read people as well as channel energy. This went on until my early 30's when an onset of mysterious symptoms began to appear in my life. At that time the area of my Root and Sacral Chakras (these Chakras comprise the lower organs and extremities) were quite literally screaming at me. I went to all sorts of doctors, only to be told that everything looked normal, and yet I was constantly in pain! My last resort was to seek out and speak to a medical intuitive whom informed me that the underlying reason for these symptoms was not on the physical level, but on an energetic one. Quite simply I was not living my true life's path. Without knowing much about me, she told me that I possess intuition and wisdom which needed to be honed and available for others. It was all finally starting to make sense!


I thought back to those times in which after a deep conversation a friend would disappear on me, only to find out that I had unknowingly tapped into a hidden truth of theirs that they did not want revealed. Or the unexplained sensing of what somebody was thinking or feeling without having any true reason to know. My story also comes with the path of discovering and honing this gift of intuition. I had to learn how to fine tune tapping into the energy of others through the wonderful and sometimes painfully honest Tarot Cards. At this time, which was to be my own spiritual awakening, I started to delve deeper into the mysterious and wonderful realms of Astrology. While exploring, I found many links from the expansive and mysterious cosmos to my own life down here on earth.


This would begin to help me transcend the limiting beliefs that I had bestowed on myself and to start manifesting the life in which my soul yearned to live. And so here I am, hoping to have the honor in helping to heal and guide you through intuitive and honest readings.



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